St Nicholas Church

In 1996, the entrance to the grounds of St. Nicholas Church underwent a major transformation by the way of a new drive of York Stone and a new notice board. During 1997 further improvements and additions were completed as listed below:

a) The gift to the church of a memorial window by the family of a much loved rector and his wife, John Emrys-Jones and Marise Emrys-Jones. The window which was designed by Alan Younger and fitted by public donations was dedicated by the Lord Bishop of Coventry on June 1st.

b) The refurbishment of the four remaining windows along the south aisle which had become unsafe.

c) Repairs to the church boundary wall including replacement of the perished bricks and stone and complete pointing up of joints.

d) Refurbishment and painting of the church doors which had become untidy. Over the past few years the churchyard has been transformed from a plain, bland and typical churchyard to a well maintained garden. Every Saturday in the summer months there can be up to five people working to improve and maintain the standard.


Also see the Sensory Garden in the church grounds

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St Nicholas Church, Alcester

The tower is floodlit on all four faces and so is visible from all corners of the town.

The Churchyard Committee raised funds to provide the floodlighting. This was done with help from the Church St. Properties Trust.