Heart of England District

The Sensory Garden Report (October 2006)

After having the project costed it was decided that paying for the materials and labour would be more manageable if the whole project were split in to three phases. The churchyard committee have raised over £13,000 for phases one and two by fund raising and receipt of personal donations but now need to raise the final £2,350 for the third and final phase. If you would like to make a donation to help finish the project please contact the churchyard committee.

Phase 1
This consisted of laying two ramps for disabled access and a York stone base for the seating area against the church. It also included the curved seat, the water feature, plants and containers
Cost £5,568
Phase 2
This includes the task of laying a 35 metre York stone path along the side of the church to join the ramps for disabled access. There will also be a second seating area with plants and containers
Cost £7,520

Phase 3
This phase will result in a further path and steps in York stone from the gated entrance near the town hall proceeding towards the seating areas and water feature.